Just a few 100 (million steps) to the giant goddess

Happy 2018! You would think after living in China for a year and a half that basic things like going to the grocery store would no longer surprise me. Unless you've also lived in China, in which case you know that here everything is always ready to astonish and amaze even the most seasoned ex-pat.... Continue Reading →


Resolutions and realizations

On our last night in Thailand, Amaury and I spent some time over dinner chatting about our resolutions for this past year and the one ahead. As I mentioned last year, we tend to create our resolutions organically based on goals we already have. A year ago, my goals were to deepen my yoga practice, play... Continue Reading →

Bali part 3 – Thank you Ubud

My favorite time of year is here! Living abroad and away from my immediate family makes Christmas time a little different and sometimes difficult, but each year I enjoy recreating old traditions and developing new ones with Amaury and friends. I'm almost to the end of my sweet time in New Zealand with my family. We're putting... Continue Reading →

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